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character designer/illustrator

currently: not looking for work

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work history

private commissioned works, illustrator2014-current
anniverse, guest character designer2016-2021
fairy vials, guest character designer2020

finished illustration work
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these are all personal works

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character design work.
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commission work finished for private clients.
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miscellaneous work
these are works that i finished that aren't illustrations or character designs that i would like to compile here too.

stream assets [2021]

stream overlay

stinger transition

emojis (twitch and discord)


product designs [2019-2021]

desktop/mobile wallpapers

wrist watches

artist alley 2021

finished print work
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these were made specifically to sell at conventions

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work tos

note that this tos is sent to private clients and not nda clients.
(last update: december, 9th 2021 )

commission work tos

in commissioning me (atlasnir, nolnir) you agree to the terms that are stated below. in this document, the party 'me', 'i', 'my' refers to the artist atlasnir/nolnir; the party 'you', 'your(s)', and 'client(s)' refers to the client who is commissioning atlasnir/nolnir; 'project', 'piece(s)', 'work', 'job', 'art, and 'commissioned work' refers to the work commissioned by the commissioner.


this tos is subject to change and will apply to all and any jobs i accept. this tos will always be attached to all inovoices and receipts sent to clients. no signature is required. this tos is the default, agreed upon terms and conditions that i and the client accept and acknowledge at the time of inquiry. the client is responsible for asking for clarification on any terms and conditions listed below.

inquiry process

the client sends their inquiry via email. any other form of contact for work will be disregarded or redirected to this website.inquiries will be responded to within 1-2 business days. if i have an interest in the proposed project, the response will include discussion of the work timeline, needed pieces and prices. if i decline the proposed project, a declination letter will be sent. the pieces for the job will be worked on according to the timeline discussed and delivered.

pre-work conditions

all payments are handled via paypal. i will invoice the client using their paypal email address, including a link to my commission work tos and the terms of their job that was agreed upon.the prices vary depending on the client's request. personal work and commercial work will be priced accordingly.payment plans can be discussed depending on the price of the job, however at least 50% of the payment must be made upfront.rush jobs have a 30% upcharge fee. rush jobs include work that is due 1-3 weeks after inquiry.

typical work timeline

inquiry - client sends an inquiry about work with project details.discussion - client and i discuss the project details. i send them a price quote. if the client accepts, an invoice will be sent via paypal.ideation - i work on several ideas for the project. this usually involves thumbnails to show what ideas i have for the project.conception - the work gets fleshed out more, with clearer details. here the client will see rough drafts of the prospective work.pre-finalization - prior to finalization, the work needs to undergo one more check with the client. this is to make sure all details and requests for the job has been covered.finalization - file preparation. requested variants are assembled; the project files are finalized and delivered.

during work conditions

clients will be contacted for approval on the work progression regularly. this will typically happen between ideation, conception and pre-finalization points of a job.when contacted, it is expected that the client want some changes. alterations in the early stages are included in the price of the job. however major late stage alterations, especially pre and post-finalization stages, will be upcharged by a 15-40% fee depending on the change. 'major late stage alterations' include alterations that are drastically different from what was proposed and approved in the early stages. these atlerations are inconvenient and will be upcharged accordingly.if the client decides to cancel their project, only what is finished will be delivered. refunds will not be applied.

after work conditions

the pieces will be delivered via email. personal work will be delivered in a low res format. commercial work will be delivered in the original high res format.simple variants will be delivered as well depending on what the client requests. these variants will be agreed upon in the inquiry stage of the work process, however it is perfectly fine to request simple variants in the finalization stage.personal work clients can request higher res formats upon certain conditions, but will be upcharged a variable fee of 30-100%.clients must credit me as 'nolnir' wherever the artwork is used or showcased. i provide variants with and without credit on the artwork should a client not have the ability to type out credit.i hold onto commissioned pieces for a year after commissioning. if the client has lost their files, they can request the files again via email.

personal work guidelines

if the client has requested personal work, they are free to use the commissioned work for personal, non-commercial projects. this includes social media profiles, personal websites, personal decor, accessories and apparel.the work can be used to promote indie non-commercial projects.should the client use the commissioned work for their projects, credit to 'nolnir' must be visible, whether on the artwork itself or in text on the website page it is displayed.

about art for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related currencies

i will not accept work for cryptocurrency or any blockchain-related currencies, nor put my works up for possible payment via markets that accept such currencies as payment.commercial clients will not be allowed to use or sell works that i have done for them to promote cryptocurrency or any blockchain-related currencies nor exchange said works for such currencies.i am in no way affiliated with current and future markets whose primary or sole form of payment are cryptocurrencies or any blockchain-related currencies.

contact form
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